East West Horizons 

Helping International Students Succeed.

AMEDF has been helping college students through it's workshops. Here are what some students thought about our previous events.

"....The opportunity to meet with a Lawyer one-on-one....for free..is awesome. " - Zhe J.

".......Thank you for this opportunity. After attending this class, I have a clearer picture of my future and What I need to do. Thanks AMEDF." - Han Tian

"AMEDF helped me with my college success by providing me and my family quality and personal guidance towards the issues of our concern. After the one-on-one session with Mr. Steve Yeh, I had found a much clearer perspective on my visa situation. Steve introduced all the possible situations applied to me. He also provided helpful websites and their partners in Taiwan for my parents to contact in case of further questions. I really appreciated all the great help AMEDF has offered. Hope more college students could learn from them in the future. " - Janet Y.